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Save Money On Car Towing Services With Amazon Car Removal In Sydney

Are you thinking of sending your old car off to a better home? Our car wreckers at Amazon Car Removal offer the best services for any damaged or unused vehicle. You can learn more about us below:

What Can Amazon Car Removal’s Car Wreckers Do For You?

If this is your first time with a removal service, the different terms and benefits may confuse you. However, it’s quite simple. Car wrecking involves the following processes:

  • Car Valuation

First, we take a look at the details of your vehicle to determine how much it’s worth. The final quote depends on the following factors: year, make, model, and the price of scrap metal. Other factors such as the current demand for spare parts may also affect the overall value of your vehicle.

  • Car Removal

Removal is the process of taking various cars, including old, damaged, junk, and unwanted vehicles and using them for a secondary purpose. Here at Amazon Car Removals, we will take the vehicle off your hands for free, sending it to our car wreckers for dismantling and recycling!

  • Cash For Cars

The great thing about car removal is that you don’t just rid yourself of a big hunk of junk, you also make money out of it!

Besides offering free towing services, Amazon Car Removal will pay you up to $8000 in cash for a damaged vehicle. Our prices are some of the fairest in Sydney, and you can quickly get a rough estimate by checking the current prices of scrap metal and finding out the market value of your car.

  • Car Recycling

What happens once your car is removed? As one of Sydney’s most environmentally responsible companies, Amazon Car Removal will then prepare your vehicle for recycling.

First, we’ll drain the car of all its fluids, including the engine oil and coolant, to prevent them from leaking into the soil. After that, the vehicle will undergo a dismantling process to remove its reusable parts, leaving only a metal frame which will then be crushed.

Finally, the scrap metals will be shredded and prepared for transport to various manufacturers!

Want To Know How To Book Our Car Wrecker’s Services? Just Follow These Simple Steps:

  • Call Amazon Car Removal at 0402503145 or visit our website.
  • Provide your car’s details, including its year, make, model, and any other information that can help us determine its price.
  • Receive your instant quote and schedule your free pickup.
  • Wait for our wreckers to arrive at your preferred location and complete your car inspection.
  • Receive up to $8000 in cash on the spot!

Yes, it’s really that easy. Contact us today to get rid of your old car!