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Tips & Tricks: How to Get Cash for Junk Cars in Sydney

Looking for a way to get extra cash for your junk cars in Sydney? Wondering if anyone would be interested in that old clunker in your garage? The good news is yes; it’s possible to turn your vehicle into cash.

Ways to earn cash for junk cars in Sydney:

  1. Sell Your Vehicle to a Dealership

Your first option is to find a local dealership. This is a good way to do if you don’t want to handle any paperwork, title transfers, and bills of sale, as the dealership will take care of all those for you.

Unfortunately, finding a reliable dealer willing to take in a junk car can be extremely challenging. Usually, dealerships pay a wholesale price for used vehicles, and you have to be prepared for an offer that’s way lower than your expectations.

  1. Sell the Car Yourself

The other option is to look for buyer yourself. Sticking a “For Sale” sign at the back of your car is an old-school yet effective way, especially if you still use the vehicle to get around. However, this option is hardly the fastest way to get cash for a car. You might end up waiting for months until you can find the right buyer.

  1. Sell the Car Online

Thankfully, selling your car the old-school way isn’t the only option these days. Technology has made it easier to get cash for junk vehicles in Sydney. You can freely rely on online platforms to do the heavy work for you. There are several websites dedicated to buying and selling cars, including CarConnect, CarsGuide, and Auto trader. You can also opt for larger platforms such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or even Craigslist.

  1. Trade in the Car

Planning to get a new car? Trade in your old one. The advantage is that you won’t need to find a buyer on your own.

  1. Look For Car Removal Services

A car removal company specialises in taking in junk cars in Sydney. They buy even most damaged and unusable hunks of metal and sell them for parts and/or recycle them in an eco-friendly way.

Here at Amazon Car Removal, we accept everything from heavily damaged SUVs to unwanted trucks and all things in between. You can call us at 0402 503 145 to get an exact quote and schedule your free pick-up. Unlike other car removal companies that charge for removal and towing, we provide this service for free. We can get rid of your vehicle and pay you cash on the same day, if you wish. The quote we gave you is exactly the amount you will get!