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A Complete Guide to Getting Free Towing for Junk Car Removal in Sydney

Do you want to learn more about junk car removal in Sydney? Here are all the basics you need to know if you’re looking to sell a junk vehicle:

Reasons to Choose Junk Car Removal in Sydney

How will you know if you should call a junk car removal company instead of selling your vehicle to a local dealership? Here are some signs:

  • The car is suffering from a mechanical failure
  • The car has been damaged in an accident
  • The vehicle can no longer be driven legally
  • The vehicle has been infested by rodents, spiders, and insects
  • The cost of repairs and maintenance have become excessive
  • The owner is in need of extra cash
  • The owner requires extra space in their property
  • The owner is looking for a bigger car

How Junk Car Removal in Sydney Works?

Car removal services take a look at several factors before they decide the price of your vehicle:

  • Make, Model, and Year

The make, model, and year of a car determine its current market worth. You can refer to, a vehicle valuation and information website based in Australia, to see how much used vehicles go for these days.

For example, a good-condition 2014 Kia Sportage would go for around $15,000 to $17,000 if you choose to sell it privately. However, this price only serves as a guide and can vary depending on the condition of your car, which leads us to our next point.

  • Current Condition of the Car

Is your vehicle in good enough condition for quick restoration, or is it damaged beyond repair? If it still works properly, you can get a reasonable price when selling the car to a private buyer.

But if it’s better off junked than driven, a reliable junk car removal service can take it off your hands.

  • Current Prices of Scrap Metal

A junk car that is no longer running still has a lot of metal, and that’s worth something. An average vehicle contains about 1000kg of steel, a metal priced at around $2 per kilogram. You can check current scrap metal prices online through resources like Scraps Metal Prices Australia.

  • Current Demand for Parts

Junk car removal companies also recycle the spare parts from your old vehicle. Like scrap metal, their prices of these parts vary according to demand. Tyres and lights usually go for much higher.

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