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Car Wreckers Sydney

Get Your Car Wrecked In The Green Way With Amazon Car Removal

Do you want to know what happens to a car once it is sent to a car wrecker? Although the car’s companionship with you ends but its journey still goes on after you send it to the car wreckers. Amazon Car Removal is a car wrecking company that loves to be completely transparent in its functioning and hence has brought you an account of our car wrecking procedure.

Amazon Car Removal as Car wreckers

Amazon Car Removal are the auto car wreckers that take care of the dismantling of broken, decommissioned, and wrecked cars. Our technically trained and experienced car recycler team of technicians and mechanics dismantles your car first to discover any reusable spare parts. These spare car parts go to our spare part inventory and sold separately to the car owners in need of parts. The remaining parts of the car that can’t be reused like the damaged chassis, bumper, or the internal parts carry on their journey to the wrecking yards for recycling. Car wreckers play a very significant roles in the environment as they make sure to use the reusable parts and then wreck the car in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Your Preferred Auto Wrecker In Sydney

One of the key reasons you should choose Amazon Car Removal is that we have a 1500 used cars available for parts. From Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda to BMW and much more. Being rated as one of the well established local wreckers that you can rely on for all your used car part needs. With our advanced wrecking yard in Sydney, be sure that all the parts that we remove from cars are done with care and quality. Whether you are looking for auto wreckers near me or auto wreckers in Sydney, we guarantee top cash offers when you sell your wrecked car for parts.

Usable Spare Parts Value

Many reusable as well as valuable parts come from dismantling of cars. These parts can go to the car owners who are looking for spare parts for their cars at affordable prices compared to the new spare parts. Amazon Car Removal has a huge inventory to stock up on these spare parts and sell them to the car owners in need of them. Some of the parts that we stock include:

  • Headlights
  • Blinkers and taillights
  • Undamaged windshields
  • Undamaged windows and Mirrors
  • Engines and engine parts
  • Seats and upholstery
  • Transmission systems
  • Exhaust system parts

Since a car gets rendered useless when a couple of its parts get old or broken while many external and internal parts are still functioning and useable. We remove the parts that are in great condition to sell them to people in need of them. So, if you are looking for the spare parts of your car then go ahead and explore our inventory or direct your queries to our online customer support and we will surely find something suitable for you from our inventory. Just contact us and let’s find the right spare parts for your car!

How Amazon Car Removal Wrecks Each Vehicle?

Amazon Car Removal wreckers have a great recycling process that makes the most out of each car before wrecking it. We go to every length to take out all the reusable parts of each car and send them to our spare parts inventory to resell them to those looking for them at discounted prices. While the unusable part begin their journey of recycling. Our recycling process includes:

  • Removal of Wheels and Tires: The scrap cars that come to us are usually in this condition due to failed engine or damaged chassis. The tyres and wheels are in great condition and are reusable. We remove these tires and wheels and store them for resale to car owners who needs them at cost-efficient rates compared to the market.
  • Removal of Catalytic Converter Removal: We also remove the catalytic converter that controls the exhaust emission. Since this devices reduces the emitted pollutants from a car’s exhaust fumes, it can be useful for other cars. These converters are very expensive and a brand new replacement can cost you a lot. We keep these converters in our inventory to sell them at discounted rates as a cheaper alternative for existing car owners.
  • Removal of Car battery: Then we remove the battery and if the battery still has juices left in it, we send them to our inventory. Many car owners come by to us looking for batteries and battery replacement is the most common issue in cars. Car owners get these fully functional and capable batteries form us at reduced rates.
  • Draining Fluids: A car has a number of harmful and dangerous fluids in it. We make sure to drain the car of all these fluids from engine oil to transmission fluids during the dismantling procedure.
  • Removal of Electronic Components: Every car has valuable electronic components which are in the perfect state for reuse. We remove all such parts including starter motors, alternators, panels, and modules, entertainments systems etc. and send them to our inventory for reuse.
  • Removal of Engine and Transmission System: We also remove the engines and transmission systems that are in perfect shape and condition for reuse.

After dismantling the car completely, the remaining shell is processed further. Then the other parts like wiring, ac systems, harnesses, etc. are removed. Once the shell is completely empty, it is crushed into a cube or a flat vehicle. The crushed vehicle is easier to transport to the final destination.

Contact Amazon Car Removal for Wrecking your car the Green Way!

If you are worried about impacting the environment negatively while wrecking your car, then you need to get in touch with Amazon Car Removal wreckers in Sydney, Campbelltown, Blacktown, Parramatta & surrounding areas. We are one of the few local car wreckers in Sydney that make sure to wreck cars in the greenest way possible. Plus, we make sure to bring you the right valuation and cash offers for your car. So, go and declutter your home by getting rid of that scrap/junk car lying around by calling Amazon Car Removal wreckers. We will come in to pick the wrecked car up with free towing services and get it out of your sight effortlessly while paying you the right cash value against it.

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