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Car Recyclers Sydney: Go Green With Your Old & Unwanted Cars

Do you want to live a sustainable lifestyle but don’t know where to start? If you have an old vehicle wasting space in your garage, then it’s time to call car recyclers in Sydney and get rid of it.

Did you know that car recyclers in Sydney can help you save the environment?

You read that right. Car recycling is eco-friendly!  Not many people know that a whopping 90% of their vehicles are actually recyclable. Your head lights and tyres? They still sell for a great price online. Your entire transmission system can still be reused when in good condition. In fact, 70% of End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) materials are shredded and recycled in Australia every year!

Car Recycling Involves Many Processes Including The Following:

  1. Fluid Drainage

First, the car must be drained of any fluids, including engine oil, before the recycling process officially begins. This step reduces the chances of fires developing in the junkyard and protects the people around from inhaling toxic fumes.

  1. Removal Of Useable Parts

Next, every single useable part of the vehicle is removed so it can be reused. This includes wheels and tyres, catalytic converters, car batteries, electronic components, and engine and transmission systems.

These spare parts are then sold to interested customers looking for more affordable alternatives to brand-new components.

  1. Shell Processing

Once the vehicle is completely devoid of any reusable and non-reusable parts, the remaining shell is crushed into a cube or a flat sheet. Other recyclers may opt to shred the metal shell to separate the ferrous and non-ferrous components.

Finally, the vehicle is prepared for transport to its final destination, often to another vehicle manufacturer and other related industries.

As you can see, most of the car is repurposed once it has undergone the recycling process. Doing this reduces the need to mine for new metals, accounting for over 10% of the world’s energy consumption.

In addition, car recycling ensures that no toxic fluids are leaked into the soil. So, instead of leaving your vehicle in a junkyard where it can leak out engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and battery acid, you can send it to a reliable car recycler in Sydney like Amazon Car Removal!

Here at Amazon Car Removal, we use the eco-friendliest practices when wrecking your vehicle. It’s a win-win situation. You get to take part in saving the environment while earning some cash, and we get to do what we do best! Just give us a call at 0402 503 145, provide your car’s details, and schedule your pick-up, all for free!