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Contact A Company That Buys Broken Cars For Cash

It’s a hassle to deal with a damaged vehicle. Repairs are expensive, and if worse comes to worst, you might even have to pay more for replacement parts. Eventually, maybe it would be more cost-effective for you to sell the broken car for cash.

Signs It’s Time To Sell Your Broken Car For Cash

  • Engine Problems

Your engine is the most critical part of your vehicle; however, it’s also the most vulnerable. It can experience multiple problems, some of which can render your car non-functional.

For instance, if your engine had insufficient oil or oil pressure. This issue can destroy the moving parts of your engine, turning it into a useless mass of scrap metal. If the problem isn’t solved immediately, you will need to replace the entire system.

Another common issue with car engines is hydrolocking. This happens when water enters your engine, damaging the piston and all the parts attached to it. Generally, this problem will cost you about USD 3000 to USD 10000 to fix.

  • Transmission Problems

Your transmission system is responsible for transferring the power from your engine to the car’s moving parts, such as its wheels. And like the engine, the transmission is very vulnerable to mechanical issues.

For example, if your transmission system is damaged, its fluid can leak toward the brake fluid reservoir. This issue can also happen if you accidentally put transmission fluid inside the brake fluid reservoir. Overall, a repair will cost you about USD 800 to USD 2000.

  • Worn-Out Clutch

The clutch requires movement every time you use your car, and it highly relies on friction. Over time, this can wear out the clutch, reducing the friction and endangering your safety on the road.

If your clutch becomes too worn out, you might have to spend about USD 1000 to USD 2500 for a replacement.

How To Sell Your Broken Car For Cash

  • Clean your vehicle and remove your personal belongings from the trunk, glove box, and under the seat
  • Call Amazon Car Removal at 0402 503 145 or visit our website
  • Provide your name, contact details, and pick-up location
  • Provide your vehicle’s details, including its year, make, and model (e.g., 2012 Toyota Vios)
  • Obtain a quote of up to $8000 depending on the condition of your vehicle and agree to the offer
  • Wait for our towers to arrive at your designated pick-up location and perform a quick inspection on your vehicle
  • Receive your cash payment on the spot or opt for bank transfer, company cheque, or digital currency

Contact us at 0402 503 145 to schedule your free pick-up service from anywhere in Sydney! We can guarantee you high-quality services, an eco-friendly removal process, and the best cash offers in the city.