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How Can You Sell Your Car For Cash And Arrange For Auto Removal In Penrith?

Are you planning to sell your vehicle to a company that provides car removal in Penrith but don’t know how to start? The process is actually straightforward if you work with an honest and reliable auto wrecker. Here’s a quick and simple guide to car removal in Penrith:

Estimate The Worth Of Your Car

Before proceeding with the removal, it’s good to know what to expect from the transaction. Do a bit of market research and find out how much your car is currently worth. You can refer to online valuation sites such as Red Book Australia,, or Drive. Note that a ‘junk’ vehicle is only worth about 20%-40% of its ‘used’ worth, so make sure that your expectations are realistic.

In addition, don’t forget to check the prices of scrap metal. This may be the most important determining factor for your car’s overall worth and it tends to fluctuate. Currently, steel is worth about $1.50 per kilogram, while clean copper can go up to $8 per kg.

Prepare Your Car For Sale

Next, keep your vehicle in its best condition. This also applies to damaged cars; you can still make them look presentable even with broken or missing parts. Furthermore, make sure to remove any personal items and check hard-to-reach areas.

It’s also recommended that you use up all your fuel before going to a car removal company. For instance, if the vehicle still works, you can drive it around your neighbourhood until it’s almost empty.

Meanwhile, if the car is no longer functional, consider undergoing a quick siphoning process. You only need a clean gas can, two plastic tubes, and a pair of gloves to successfully drain all the fuel out of the vehicle.

Avoid Removing Any Parts

If your car is fitted with a custom stereo system that you wish to install in a brand-new vehicle, by all means, go for it. However, if you lack experience in dismantling other components, leave the car untouched.

Why is this important? Car removal services also pay for the spare parts in your vehicle, and if they salvage anything of worth, you can earn a reasonable sum for it. So, for example, your engine, transmission system, tyres, and lights can still be sold as replacements for a fair price!

Contact Your Local Car Removal Company

Finally, it’s time to sell your vehicle to car removal in Penrith! If you’re having trouble finding a reputable company, consider us at Amazon Car Removal. We will guide you through the entire process.

Why should you choose Amazon Car Removal? Aside from our reasonable cash offers, we also provide instant quotes and free towing services across Sydney. Call us now at 0402 503 145 to get rid of your unwanted vehicles in a single day!