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Sell Your Car Sydney: Top 7 Trends That You Should Keep In Mind

How much can you earn from selling your car in Sydney? Every vehicle is different, and you must take note of some factors that will significantly affect its price.

Here Are Some Trends To Keep In Mind Before You Sell Your Car In Sydney:

  • Market Value

Firstly, how much is your car value when sold privately? A vehicle’s market price is dictated by its year, make, and model, which you can quickly learn from valuation sites like Red Book Australia. Remember to manage your expectations especially if your car is no longer in tiptop shape. Also note that a ‘junk’ car is only value around 20-40% of its market value.

  • Condition

Does your car have any mechanical issues? If so, are these problems repairable? As expected, a vehicle in better shape will sell for a much higher price. However, it still depends on your buyer and what they intend to use it for, such as stripping its parts or restoring it to working condition.

  • Weight

Much of a junk vehicle’s value relies on its weight. This is because the heavier the car, the more metal it is likely to have. So if you own an SUV, it will likely run from a higher price than a two-seater.

  • Scrap Metal Prices

Now that you know your car’s metal content, it’s time to determine how much you can earn for a single kilogram. Unfortunately, scrap metal prices tend to fluctuate, affected by supply and demand, time of year, and importation costs, among other things.

Currently, scrap steel and aluminium in Sydney are value about $1.50/kg, while copper is more valuable at $8.00. Thus, if you want to get the best prices possible, timing is essential!

  • Demand For Spare Parts

Even if your car is too old to use, it may still contain highly sought-after parts by different buyers. For instance, your catalytic converters could fetch an excellent price thanks to their high palladium, platinum, and rhodium content.

Meanwhile, your engine is still valuable whether it’s functional or not. A remanufacturer may be willing to take it off your hands, or recyclers could buy the machine for its scrap metals.

  • Fuel Type

Does your car use diesel, petrol, or CNG? Generally, gasoline is more expensive than diesel due to its complex refining process, and as their prices go up, so does the cost of metal products.

  • Location

Finally, selling your car in Sydney will yield a much greater profit than in Victoria or Queensland. That is, of course, if you live in NSW as well. Auto recycling companies like Amazon Car Removal are your most reliable option to save more cash.

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