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There’s No Point Doing Car Disposal If You’re Not Doing It Right

A lot of people are not aware of the proper procedures for car disposals in Sydney. That’s why it’s best to leave this job to an auto wrecker or auto recycling company.

Leaving your old vehicle in an abandoned yard is never a wise choice. It may help you get rid of this safety hazard from your property but it can still cause damage to the environment. If you sell it to a car wrecker, you can ensure that it will be correctly recycled. Aside from this, you will earn cash, too. That’s a double win.

You May Be Wondering: How Do Auto Wreckers Do Car Disposals In Sydney Right? 

Dispose Of Hazardous Substances In An Eco-Friendly Way 

Old cars still contain toxic chemicals like moto oils, battery acids, coolants, refrigerants, and antifreeze that can leak and contaminate the land and water. If disposed of incorrectly, they can enter the water supply and cause further damage to the environment and even human health. Auto wreckers depollute the old cars following the standard process. They dispose of and store the substances that can still be recycled.

Recycling Different Car Parts 

Some auto wreckers act as their own recycling centres. They have the machinery and technology to process the fluids and other car parts like metals and tyres. They break them down and process them so they can be reused by auto manufacturers or by other companies. For example, they shred tyres and rubber and sell them to construction companies and businesses that make rubber products.

Salvage And Sell Car Parts 

Another important step in car disposal in Sydney is salvaging parts. This is usually done to used cars, not scrap cars. Auto wrecking companies look for parts that are still in good running condition, such as the engine. They fix and clean those parts before putting them in the marketplace at cheap prices. This is why many mechanics and car repair enthusiasts scour wrecking yards.

These are just some of the ways ​​auto wrecking companies are able to reduce the waste in the landfills and contribute to the economy. That being said, you must know that not all companies follow green and ethical procedures. You have to choose your auto wrecker wisely to make sure that you are leaving your old car in the hands of a responsible company.

Amazon Car Removals is a professional company that has been recycling and disposing of cars for decades. We have experienced and professional staff who ensure that the wrecking process will not negatively impact the environment. We make car disposal in Sydney effortless and hassle-free. Just call us on 0402 503 145 to book a car removal service or get a free quote!