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Toyota Wreckers Sydney

Sydney’s leading Toyota wrecker and dismantler

Toyota is a name well-known across the globe when it comes to high-quality vehicles that are reliable and aesthetic. However, no car or brand is invincible, and even Toyota is bound to get damaged, broken, and old over time. So, if you have an old Toyota car in your home that you want to get rid of, then Amazon Car Removal is right by your side. We are the ultimate Toyota wreckers Sydney that will bring you the right value for your Toyota car and remove it from your vicinity. Not only that, we are the Toyota wreckers Sydney that take care of the whole vehicle salvaging process in an eco-friendly way.

Amazon Car Removal as your go-to Toyota Wreckers Sydney

We have an extensive procedure for recycling each vehicle to ensure that all reusable spare parts are recovered for resale while the remaining car sent for recycling. Here’s what our car wrecking process entails:

1. Tyres and Wheels Removal

We first remove the tyres and wheels of the Toyota. Sometimes the wheels and tyres are relatively new compared to the car and are in great condition for reuse.

2. Catalytic Converter Removal

Next, we remove the catalytic converter, which helps control the exhaust emission and reduces pollution. This device is costly; however, a second-hand one can be an affordable alternative.

<h3″>3. Car battery Removal

We remove the battery as batteries usually have some juices left in them, so we remove them and sell them to the car owners looking for second-hand batteries at reasonable rates.

4. Vehicle Fluid Drainage

We drain and remove all fluids from the car during the dismantling so that we dispose of these fluids carefully. We follow the green protocols during the whole process; hence make sure to dispose of these hazardous fluid carefully.

5. Removal of Electronic Components

Next, we remove the electronic components, which are mostly good as new and can be resold to car owners in need of such parts.

6. Removal of Engine and Transmission System

We remove the engine and transmission system that are in good condition for the purpose of reselling them to those looking for them at reasonable rates.

Once the car is completely dismantled, we send the shell of the vehicle to the scrapyard to crush it into recyclable steel.

Why Toyota Wreckers Sydney are So Important?

Car wreckers aren’t just important as they help us get rid of unwanted cars, but they are also beneficial for the environment. Here’s why Amazon Car Removal and its wrecking services are so important:


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