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What To Do With Unwanted Cars?

There are better things to do to an unwanted car in Sydney than just letting it rust in the parking lot. Many of these methods can let you earn cash. It doesn’t really matter if the unwanted car is no longer running, beyond repair, or already looks tattered!

So, What Are The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Cars In Sydney?

Donate To A Charity 

Many charities accept car donations. In return, they help donors get tax deductions. This is a rewarding way to dispose of your unwanted vehicle. However, you should know that donating to charity and claiming tax deductions are not simple. It’s best to familiarise yourself first with all the steps and the requirements before you start looking for an organisation.

Sell Car For Parts 

Your car may be in a bad state but some of its parts may still be in good condition. Check your vehicle and look for parts that you can sell in the market. The most in-demand are the engines, radiators, catalytic converters, ignition coil, and brake discs. You can hire a mechanic to help you tear down the car apart.

Selling auto parts online is easy. However, selling a lot of auto parts can be a real challenge. Usually, you have to wait for months or even a year for interested buyers to come by. To entice more buyers, clean the parts. Take great pictures of them. Test the parts to ensure that they are working before putting them up for sale.

Sell Your Unwanted Car In Sydney To An Auto Wrecker

The quickest and easiest way to earn cold and hard cash is by selling your unwanted car to an auto wrecker. No need to go through the hassle of processing donation documents or hiring mechanics to dismantle parts. You can sell your car as is. All you must do is to call the auto wrecker, have them evaluate your car, get a quote, and then accept their offer.

Amazon Car Removal is one of the trusted auto wreckers that buy unwanted cars in Sydney. We also buy accident, written-off, and, damaged vehicles regardless of models. Our company offers instant cash up to $8000 plus $30 cash bonus. Of course, the offer will depend on the condition of your vehicle. But fret not, our professional evaluators will promise to give you an honest and competitive offer.

Our friendly staff will take care of everything, from towing your car to handling the paperwork.  Our services are free. You don’t have to worry about extra charges. We can help you dispose of your unwanted car from anywhere in Sydney. Just give us a call at 0402 503 145 or you can also answer the online enquiry form on our website!